Photos from brewing the “Neck Tat that says Evil” black IPA

Michael Dawson created this recipe and published it in his book “The Mashmaker“. It can also be found online here.

The black color comes from cold-steeping dehusked roasted grains. The original recipe uses Perla Negra. I substituted for Weyermann Carafa Special I since it matches in °L. As far as I know, both malts were processed in a similar way: dehusked roasted barley.

I also tweeked the amounts to round numbers in metric, easier to remember on your way to the LHBS.  I used 0.5kg of the Carafa Special I instead of the 1 lbs of Perla Negra. I also used 5.5kg of Weyermann Pale malt instead of the 12.5lbs of 2-row. Slightly less base malt, slightly more roasted malt. Why worry?

I created a big starter from a wy1056 smackpack. The fermentation was then kept at 18°C by fermenting in my fridge controlled by my TFBrew software.. This gave a very clean fermentation. The fermentation was vigorous, huge krauzen.

The result is a very nice beer, crisp and refreshing. It’s not an IPA though, at least not what I got. There hop aroma and is hiding behind the aroma from the roasted grains.

The original recipe states that you should expect an OG of 1.075. I didn’t get that. I wonder if there is a mistake in the OG calculations. Using 12.5lbs of 2-row with grain extract potential of 80% and efficiency of 75% you get:

75%* (46 * 80% * 12.5lbs/5gallons) = 69 points or 1.069 expected OG instead of 1.075.

I usually aim for 21-22 liters (5.5 gallons) to account for trub loss etc (further lowering the OG) . Slightly less basemalt and slightly more water gave me an OG of 1.060 or so. Why worry?

Below are some pictures I took during the process of brewing this beer on my electric BIAB system.


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