Bryg Selv

I’ve been working in Copenhagen the past days. Marel has a place called Progress Point there where we can demonstrate our equipment to customers and have meetings.

In the next building there is a place called “Bryg Selv” (Brew your own). I’ve seen it while driving to Marel Progress Point but never had the opportunity to go there until today. I always assumed it was just a typical homebrew store.

To my surprise they are not an homebrew store. It is a place where anyone can walk in and brew a beer. They have a room full of kettles to do partial mash extract brewing. They’ll sell you the ingredients and help you to brew the beer.

The place seems to be set up for groups that like to come and experience the brewing processes together, as a sort of team building event.

They will ferment the beer for you, cold crash it and then force carbonate it. You then come back in 2-3 weeks and bottle or can the ready beer.

A part of the experience they offer is beer tasting. The have a nice selection of beers on tap that visitors are allowed to sample freely. Even though I was just dropping in and looking around I was offered to sample their beers and to follow a group brewing their an IPA.

The staff (very friendly btw) shared interesting info about their business. They are not classified as a brewery since it is the customers that do the brewing. They are also not classified as a pub since they don’t sell beer and only serve beer in small sample glasses. This also means they don’t have to pay any alcohol related taxes. They are not targeting the experienced brewer and chose to use extract instead of all grain because of that. They don’t expect the people coming to have the patience to go through a full all grain brewday.

Visiting this place was a pleasant surprise. I’m sure I’ll drop in again.

Often when I visit the Marel Progress Point I’m with a group. Why not use the opportunity to visit them with the group and make it a team building event. Waiting for the fermentation is a problem though since I don’t live in Copenhagen. We could do the cooking TV show trick and have them ferment and package the same recipe up front. Everyone could then get the experience of brewing and walk out with the finished product.

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