Followup: How low can you go?


Its time to report on the beer from Brewing experiment: How low can you go? where the goal was to see how much I could attenuate.

Quick summary:

  • Almost SMaSh, just 4 kg Maris Otter and “random” hops found in the fridge.
  • Multi step mash for 2,5 hours, starting at 37°C and ending in 72°C
  • OG 1.050 20 Liters into fermenter
  • Lallemand Belle Saison yeast

The beer was kegged 24th of february 2018 after 2 weeks in the fermenter.

It measured 1.003-1.004 FG. This makes it just over 6% ABV beer from just 4 kg of grain!

I had monitored the fermentation using my Tilt Hydrometer. It showed the gravity go below 1.000.


The Tilt isn’t super accurate in my experience. When I opened the fermetation bucket to keg I also saw lot of yeast had stuck to the Tilt. This probably changed its center of mass and therefore how it floated in the beer, changing the measurements.

The beer has now been sitting in the keg for 2 weeks. It is starting to get quite clear.

The flavour is isn’t as dry as I expected it to be. It has a nice grainy sweetness to it and quite some bitterness. Even though most of the hops were added at flameout, there isn’t much hop aroma. The flavour and aroma is dominated by the yeast character, quite strong spice and just generally “Belgian”.

This brew kind of needs to be followed up by a “control” experiment. I should repeat it, only changing the mash schedule. Doing a standard 60 minute at 67°C mash and keeping everything else unchanged. Problem is, I kind of want me some NE-IPA.

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